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Formed in 2016, POPTIME performs a compilation of revisited and original pop covers, ranging from 70's to today. 2 singers, a guitarist, a bassiste, a drummer and a brass section. The POPTIME team make every effort to make you have a wonderful evening 100% live.



Surrounded by rock and jazz since childhood, Marie has built her own vocal signature, clear and colorful. Passionate about singing and popular music, she sings in her own way the greatest standards rock, pop, soul and funk. Marie is also a presence, a concentrate of energy that twirls on stage, taking the audience towards some unforgettable moments.

Lead Singer


She was born in Nantes. Fabiola is member of a family of musicians so she started to sing at an early age. She took singing lessons at the Conservatory of Nantes before becoming a student at Jazz Center, where she worked on vocal improvisation with Bob Dickson. Subsequently, she developed a vocal identity by skimming the scenes of many festivals and casinos with her father, singer guitarist. She then joined an orchestra from the Nantes region and other jazz, funk, pop and rock bands.

Lead Singer


Nicolas started to play guitar when he was 14 years old. At the beginning he was a fan of Dire Straits and Pink Floyd then he opened to other musical styles : blues, funk, hip hop, jazz ... Composer and songwriter, he participated in many locally renowned, bands including Diane K, The Street Chamaan or Twenty One Cigarettes. Nicolas is also a guitar and bass teacher and shares his passion for music with future generations of musicians.

Guitar / Backing Vocals


He started bass at 16 and made his debut with indie rock bands. Graduated from the "Jazz à Tours" school of music, he is passionate about jazz, metis and African music. In Nantes he formed the trio "Melo", where he composed bass lines with a solid groove on the album of the same name. Living in Nantes has also been an opportunity for him to evolve in projects from various horizons, ranging from funk to reggae, allowing him to perform the opening act of artists like Axel Bauer, Yannick Noah, Marcel and his orchestra, Raoul Petite...

Bass / Backing Vocals


Matthieu began music at 5 years old at the Conservatory of Nantes. After 15 years of classical studies, he obtained degrees in Music Training, Percussion and Writing, before focusing more particularly on the Pop & Rock music. He participated in 2008 in the creation of the group "Didascaly", with which he will play for 4 years, before joining "Twenty-One Cigarettes". These groups lead him to several studio recordings, a project with symphonic orchestra and many concerts during which he will have the opportunity to share the stage with several artists (Louis Bertignac, Zazie, Patrice, Mademoiselle K, Da Silva, Mass Hysteria, La Ruda, Beat Torrent...) Arranger, programmer, sound engineer and multi instrumentalist, Matthieu teaches today Musical Training and Drums in 3 Conservatories and keeps in touch with the stage thanks to POPTIME and Epsylon bands.

Drums / Backing Vocals / Sampling


Aurélien started playing music at the age of 7. In parallel with his classical training, he played the trumpet in various ensembles : jazz, orchestras, improvisation workshops, Latin music workshops. Trumpet teacher since 2010 in a music school in the Nantes region, he has specialized in Latin music for almost 20 years and regularly plays in several groups in Nantes (Son Con Cuero, Orquesta de la Calle, Agua Sonora, Los Duendes).



Benjamin studied euphonium at the conservatory from an early age. Fascinated by the instruments of the brass family, he later practiced the trombone and the sousaphone. After a classical course, he has developed his experience through many musical meetings and specializes in the practice of Latin music (salsa, cumbia, carnival ...). After having been a teacher at different music schools in the Nantes region, he has been working as a professional musician since 2008.


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